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If they could only read one publication...

...thousands of safety managers say the fast-read content of Supervisors Safety Bulletin is their choice.

"Supervisors Safety Bulletin is the best safety awareness tool that's ever come across my desk. Employee buy-in is key and the newsletter is built upon that premise"

- Curt Jacobs, Safety Director, Flyash Haulers, Inc.

Supervisors Safety Bulletin
will give your Supervisors:
red circle Practical hands-on advice on how to make the right decisions every time between doing a job safely and doing it quickly.
red circle Real-world examples of what happens if supervisors take shortcuts with safety - and the dramatic consequences of those shorcuts.
red circle Workplace-tested advice on dealing with the most common safety problems supervisors face every day.
red circle Relevant safety information in a format they'll actually want to read - no boring finger-wagging lectures here.
red circle And much, much more!

Check it out
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